Ruri | Kuriko | Tsubame | Suzaku | Kurumi

Ruri is a 54 square meter private home fully renovated in June 2019. The gem is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood just 2 minutes walk from Nakazakicho Station. This charming neighborhood is famous for its artsy cafes and clothing stores. Just 1 subway stop from Osaka Station (15 minutes by walk), you are sure to love the location.

Kuriko is a beautiful, newly renovated 42m² home with all the modern conveniences you will need for your stay in Osaka. Upstairs features 2 separate bedrooms with colorful walls, each with its own AC / Heater. The first of the two rooms contains a large double futon (with an extra cushion underneath) atop traditional Japanese flooring. The master bedroom boasts a comfy double bed and equally comfortable double sized sofa bed.

Tsubame is 60m² of gorgeous space, renovated early 2019. This lovely private home is perfect for large groups who want a full kitchen, large living area and, huge bath. All the amenities you need are in the property ensuring a comfy stay in Osaka. Upstairs you have two totally separate bedrooms each with its own AC / Heater. Room one has a semi-double bed atop traditional Japanese tatami. The master bedroom features 2 double beds, designer wallpaper and recessed lighting.

Suzaku House is a recently renovated, totally private 64m² home designed with a mix of Japanese and Western styles in mind. The second floor of this lovely property features a Western style room with a double bed and ensuite toilet. Across the hall is a Japanese style room with 2 semi-double beds atop tatami flooring. All 3 comfy beds feature 100% cotton bedding.

Kurumi House is a beautifully renovated home, done in a classic Japanese style. It is located near the famous Shinseikai neighborhood in Osaka in a quiet setting just to the west of Tennoji Zoo. The property features numerous delightful artworks and warm colored walls. Osaka has been touted by food journalist Anthony Bourdaine as his favourite food destination worldwide. Come and experience a truly local, genuine experience with the friendly folk of Osaka!