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Recently renovated traditional Kyoto house located to the west of the Imperial Palace in a quiet residential neighborhood with very friendly locals. A short walk to the classic Nishijin locale with beautiful traditional architecture and quaint streets, as well as the historic Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. Enjoy the best of both worlds with an experience to savour.

Newly renovated traditional Kyoto house located to the west of the Imperial Palace in a quaint residential neighborhood with friendly neighbors . Walking distance to the beautiful Nishijin district which features beautiful traditional architecture and quaint streets as well as the must-see Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. Modern luxuries in a traditional setting.

Traditional Kyoto house with a recent gorgeous renovation by local craftsmen. Located west of the Imperial Palace in a friendly residential neighborhood. A short walk will take you to the traditional Nishijin area with beautiful traditional architecture and delightful walking streets as well as the prominent Kitano-tenmangu Shrine. Memories sure to last a lifetime.

Traditional wooden Kyoto house (kyo-machiya) renovated in late 2016 by a well known local architect ensuring modern comforts. Centrally located one stop from Kyoto Station, with a short walk to the very core of Kyoto’s primary entertainment and dining areas. Superb access to all major transport lines in Kyoto and convenient for all major sightseeing.

Charming Kyoto house renovated in late 2016 fitted with all modern comforts. Situated in a quiet residential district in the historically important Nishijin district and a very short walk to the must see 1000 year old Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Enjoy peace and privacy in the perfect base for Kyoto exploration.

An exquisitely renovated Japanese home (Nov 2016) featuring pastel colors, exposed wooden beams and all modern comforts. A stone's throw away from Nijo Castle, multiple transport options, and waking distance from sights and sounds of central Kyoto. A standalone experience worth the trip alone.

A colourful newly renovated house located in a quiet residential area right in the centre of Kyoto only 7 mins walk from the major Nijo station. Easy access to the extremely picturesque Arashiyama District of the famous bamboo forest and just a short walk from Nijo castle. Perfect base for exploring all four corners of Kyoto city.

A recently renovated traditional Japanese house with classic Japanese colours and tatami flooring. With famous sights such as the Ryoanji, Kinkakuji, Nijo castle and Kitano Tenmangu shrine within 2 km from Sen house, the house is a perfect base for exploring the culturally significant northern Kyoto area.

A spacious, newly renovated Japanese house with an art filled Samurai and Ninja theme to keep in with the nearby Toei Movie Studio. Located in a peaceful setting 200 metres from the classic Koryuji temple and only 10 minutes by tram to the famous Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.

A high quality newly renovated House in a prime location, 10 minutes walk to the center of Kyoto City. One of the key features of the house is a traditional hinoki wood bath, in addition to the beautiful wooden flooring. Extremely convenient for accessing all major forms of transportation within Kyoto and walking distance from the historic Kiyomizu Temple as well as the fabled Higashiyama district.

A traditional wooden house which has been beautifully renovated in September 2017 to highlight the key aspects of the property. This fully licensed property has 81m² of floor space, making it perfect for families. Three separate bedrooms, one with tatami with extra futons and as always, the property comes with modern furnishings and comforts.

Mai House is a second floor apartment in a renovated traditional Kyoto house located in a peaceful, upmarket neighborhood slightly south west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. In the heart of a neighborhood filled with classic traditional Kyoto houses as well as a wide number of cafes set up in beautiful traditional houses, enjoy a quiet world away from the busy streets of Tokyo and Osaka.

A recently renovated traditional Kyoto house located near the Imperial Palace in a quiet area away for the noisy center of Kyoto. Generous space with modern furnishings and all the comforts you expect from a home away from home. The house also features a small Japanese zen garden which is visible from the lounge room, creating a calming atmosphere to bring relaxation to your holiday.