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An overview/ intro of the company

Although machiya vacation rentals are our main game, Shiki Properties is much more than just an accommodation company. We’re an ever-expanding, international collective of local residents with a passion for showcasing Kansai’s diverse and timeless beauty. 

Offering some of the best traditional Japanese homes in the region, insider access to experiences not available in the mainstream travel market, and an opportunity to connect both with locals and the broader traveling community, staying with Shiki is the key to unlocking the real Kyoto and Osaka.

Our History / About the Founder

Shiki was founded in 2014 by Chai Kanda, an Australian-born entrepreneur with a background in business, finance, and law.

Chai’s mother was raised in a town just outside Kyoto.  Growing up, visits to his mother’s hometown inspired in Chai a fascination with Japanese culture and an affinity with Kyoto’s city, especially.

Chai explains, “Kyoto always had a draw, mum grew up nearby, and I remember coming to Kyoto when younger and feeling something captivating about the town. At the end of my university degree, I had the chance to visit again, and that’s when I became interested in machiya. I thought these homes had a lot of potential, and it was something that others would also love if they had the chance to experience them.” After almost a year and a half of travel following university, he relocated to Kyoto for good and later launched Shiki Properties.

Our Values

As passionate travelers at heart, we understand that there’s more to accommodation than just finding a place to lay your head. We believe traveling is about experiences, and this philosophy is one of the primary reasons behind the creation of Shiki. 

The community you create when you travel and the connection with the local culture greatly influences your perception of a place. We want to ensure that every guest has the chance to enjoy Kyoto and Osaka in a way that feels most fulfilling to them, which is why we offer much more than just accommodation. No matter what, we want everyone to enjoy Japan’s history through these fascinating buildings. 

 We are passionate about preserving the beauty of Kansai’s machiya, which is why we’re also a licensed real estate company and are always looking for new opportunities to develop new facilities. Sadly, over time many of the country’s old homes have been demolished for development or left in disrepair, but we want to get involved with saving these buildings. We’re on a mission to maintain and breathe new life into these cultural icons, and the people who support Shiki by staying at our properties are, in turn, helping us do it.

What makes Shiki different

We pride ourselves on offering guests much more than just a place to stay, and we understand that everyone wants something different when they’re traveling, which is why we offer a broad range of services and options to suit all traveling styles.

Diverse selection of Japanese traditional homes

Each of the homes we represent has been purposefully selected by the Shiki team. The homes on Shiki’s roster have to fit the company’s high standards and expectations; they must showcase and preserve Japanese tradition and culture and offer guests the most unforgettable stay. We have a wide variety of homes on offer to suit all traveling styles, budgets, and groups. All properties are fitted with modern comforts, coupled with premium services such as real-time communications to ensure hassle-free travel.

Personalized experience

Our diverse team members are all passionate travelers themselves, and we know every traveler is different. If you’re looking for something in particular, need local tips, or just want someone who speaks your native language, we can ensure that every moment of your stay is crafted to suit you.

Ultimate comfort

Featuring luxurious modern amenities and considered interior design, each of our properties has been designed to ensure maximum comfort while still offering an authentic machiya experience. Rest assured, when you stay with Shiki, you’ll have access to all conveniences you can expect with a fully serviced home.

Local tips

One of our greatest motivations and one of the key reasons behind Shiki Properties’ creation is our passion for sharing our intimate knowledge of Kansai with others. With an accumulated half a century of experience living and working in Kansai, Shiki’s roots are deeply entwined within the fabric of Kyoto and Osaka.

We’ve spent a lot of time consolidating our knowledge into comprehensive property and city guides. Each guide offers clear directions to the properties, a step-by-step guide for using household items, local transport options, nearby places of interest, recommended bars and restaurants, and sightseeing itineraries. We want to inspire guests to beyond the guidebooks and take a deep dive into the culture of Kansai.

Our Services and Facilities

Machiya Features

What can you expect when staying in a traditional  townhouse?

Facilities & Amenities

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Machiya & City guide

Read our guides to know everything there is to know about the property and the city you are staying in.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on being one of the most international companies in Kansai. Our team hails from Sweden, France, America, China, Taiwan, Australia, and Japan. While we all have vastly different backgrounds and interests – including martial artists, photographers, and property developers – what unites us is our passion for Kansai and our 33+ combined years of hospitality experience.


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