Position:001 Management staff for accommodation facilities

Status : Part time

Duties : Cleaning facilities, washing linens etc

Locations : Various locations across Kyoto city

Requirements : 18 years old and over

Compensation : Wage : ¥4,000 – ¥10,500 per facility (In some cases the wage is ¥1,008) | Transportation provided | Wage during training (3 days) : ¥1,008

Shifts and hours : 2 days a week or more | Shift to be discussed | Hours : 10:00 – 16:00 | Depending on the size of the facility, hours may vary.

Send CV to cleaning@shikiproperties.com

Position:002 Cleaning staff for hotel

Status : Part time

Duties : Cleaning hotel rooms, communal spaces such as lobby and hallways | managing amenities

Locations : Kamiebisucho, Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (9 minute walk from JR, Kintetsu, Subway Kyoto stations)

Requirements : High school and over

Compensation : Wage : ¥1,008 – | Performance based pay raises and bonuses | Transportation provided separately | Wage during training (3 days) : ¥1,008

Shifts and hours : 2 days a week or more | Shift to be discussed | Hours : 9:00 – 17:00 (Minimum 6 hours during these hours)

Send CV to cleaning@shikiproperties.com

Position : 003 Paid Internships

Paid 6 to 12 months internships are available starting from 8 hours a week, at Kansai’s most international property management company. Main points:
– Exposure to exciting, varied real projects and tasks
– hourly compensation
– international, English based work environment
– Start/Finish date flexible
– One hour meeting per week during business hours required
– Other than that, hours of work very flexible
– Opportunity for part-time or full-time employment following completion of the internship

– Conversational Japanese & English
– applicant under 30
– Positive attitude
– some relevant skill sets (e.g., PC, spreadsheet, analytical, accounting, legal, sales, marketing)
– Own PC, smart phone required

Apply with CV in English or Japanese to: admin@shikiproperties.com

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