Shiki Properties External Counter

Shiki Properties’ external counters conform to the new regulations in Kyoto City.

1. External Counter Use

Register Shiki’s External Counter for your Property


Price: from JPY 30,000/month (excluding tax)

Face-to-Face Check-in

Collection of guest information at the external counter
Collection of passport information
Check-in guide distribution

Price: from JPY 3,000/check-in (excluding tax)

2. On-site Emergency Response

Shiki’s staff are available to rapidly respond to emergencies in accordance with Kyoto Law.

Available for properties within 800m walking distance
Also available to respond to complaints from neighbors
Please note that there are also situations to which we are unable to respond.

Price: Negotiable

Emergency Response


Price: from JPY 5,500/occurrence (excluding tax)
22:00-10:00 late night to early morning emergency
Price: from JPY 10,000/occurrence (excluding tax)

We can provide an external counter near Umekoji, Kyoto.

We can manage properties that are not Kyomachiya as well. Please contact us.

External Counters

Kyoto Station | Umekoji: 157 Kamiebisuchō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8242

Tofukuji: 2-27 Fukuine goshonouchi-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605-0987

*The above map is for illustration purposes only. Registered properties must be within 800m walking distance.