《Go To Travel Campaign 》

Not available until further notice

1. The accommodation rates that are searchable on our reservation system are before the application of the 35% discount – meaning that the end price paid will be 65% of visible rates.

2. Following the completion of your reservation, please follow the instructions in your confirmation email to navigate to the STAY NAVI service to claim your discount coupon.

3. Please forward this coupon to the Front Desk (by reponding to the confirmation email) so that the discount can be applied to the final total.

About products eligible for Go To Travel and restrictions on the number of nights.

Thank you for your continued patronage.
Please keep the following in mind when making reservations for Go To Travel.

■ Standards for travel products supported by the Go To Travel Business
The Go To Travel Secretariat has announced “Standards for Travel Products Supported by the Go To Travel Business”, and plans that do not fall under the following are not eligible for support.

1) The main purpose is tourism.
2) There is no problem from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection.
3) The value of products and services included in travel products does not exceed the level of normal accommodation charges.
4) The traveler himself purchases or uses it during the travel period.

Please refer to the following URL for details


■ Introduction of night limit in Go To Travel Business The Go To Travel Secretariat announced that “Travel with stays of 8 nights or more is not covered by Go To Travel”. However, even if the trip involves staying 8 nights or more, support is available for up to 7 nights.


* Applicable for reservations and sales after midnight on November 17th (Tuesday).

The contents of the campaign, including terms of use, discounts, and period of use, are subject to change without notice. Please check the Japan Tourism Agency website for the latest information and details.


GoTo Travel Campaign Handling of accommodation for business trips.

■ Excerpt from Go To Travel Secretariat website

For travel products for business trips, discounts on reservation sites for corporate business trip arrangements will be removed to limit the use of this project as much as possible from the perspective of stimulating tourism demand, which is the purpose of this project. If travelers have already booked these travel products, we will continue to support them in consideration of the impact on users and businesses, and for bookings made in the future, in view of the need for a certain period of time to inform users and businesses, the support will be excluded from the reservation sale on November 6th (Friday). In addition, for each travel product, we will individually and specifically decide whether or not to exclude it from the support in light of the above criteria and ideas. If you are uncertain about whether to be eligible for support, please contact the station in advance.