[Kyoto Prefecture Residents only] Discounts
Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Project

Kyoto charm rediscovery project

“Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Project” is a campaign that supports the local trip to Kyoto to be enjoyed by the residents of Kyoto Prefecture through accommodation discounts and travel discounts, and distribution of coupons.
Below are the plans eligible for “Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Project”.

Period: October 22, 202 (Fri)-December 31, 2021 (Fri)

About Kyoto Charm Re-Discovery Project Target Plan

Shiki Suites Kyoto Umekoji Accommodation Plan

※ It is eligible for discount up to 3 consecutive nights.

Target plan list

Jacuzzi Suite
Junior Suite

Discount application period

From October 22, 2021 (Fri) to December 31, 2021 (Fri)

About confirmation of address

Please present proof of your Kyoto Prefecture address at check-in.
Required for all the customers who will stay.

※ If you can not prove that you live in Kyoto Prefecture, discount will be not be applied.

○ What is acceptable as identity confirmation documents: Documents where name and photo can be confirmed on a single sheet.

Example: My Number Card, driver’s license, driver’s certificate, passport, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, documents that prove that one has a national qualification such as a radiance,disability welfare notebook,sailor notebook, battle hearth notebook, tourism agency staff identification card, etc.

○ However, if you do not have the above documents, two of the following documents in category 1 or combination of one each of category 1 and 2 can be presented as a document that can confirm the name.

1 ) Health insurance insured person’s card, care insurance insured card, pension notebook, pension certificate, etc.
2 ) Student ID card, company identification card, qualification certificate issued by public organization

○ Junior high school students or younger children : If the above is not possible, the person’s health insurance card and the legal representative shall be presented.

[What is not recognized as a document proving an address (example)]
· Courier documents, mailing documents, etc. Shipping paid, postcard, mail
· Point cards such as stores, retail stores and drinkers in Kyoto Prefecture
· Diagnostic ticket of Kyoto in the school in the hospital
· Cash card, credit card
· Business card, employee certificate of work

About accommodation discount

The following discounts apply.

Accommodation fee / tax included per personAmount of discountKyoto support coupon ticket
¥ 10,000 or more¥ 5,000 discount¥ 2,000 value
¥ 8,000 ~ ¥ 10,000¥ 4,000 discount¥ 2,000 value
¥ 6,000 ~ ¥ 8,000¥ 3,000 discount¥ 2,000 value
¥ 4,000 ~ ¥ 6,000¥ 2,000 discount¥ 2,000 value
¥ 2,000 ~ ¥ 4,000¥ 1,000 discount¥ 1,000 value

At check-in, please submit the following “Accommodation Discount Application and Agreement.

About Kyoto Support Coupon Ticket

Kyoto Charm Re-discovery Project offers coupons that can be used at the target facilities.

(It can be used in tourist facilities and souvenir shops, restaurants, etc. registered in the Kyoto Charm Rediscovery Project.)

Application to cancellation fee

It does not apply. ( Cancellation fee will be based on pre-discount accommodation price)

About cancellation fee accompanied by temporary project suspension, etc.

· If a regulated cancellation fee occurs due to a temporary business shutdown of this project, customer will bear cancellation fee based on the cancellation policy set by the accommodation company.

· Even if it is a temporary stop of the business due to the infection situation of the new coronavirus, cancellation fee will be borne by the customer.

※ In case of suspension ,etc., it will be announced on the Kyoto Charm Re-Discovery Project official site

For more details, please check the “Kyoto Charm Re-Discovery Project” official site.