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Bella Nami

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Welcome to Bella Nami, Your Perfect Home-Away-From-Home in Kyoto

Discover Bella Nami, a charming one-story, remodeled oasis nestled in a serene neighborhood southwest of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Nijo Castle and just a stone’s throw from the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Step inside its stylish, modern interior, thoughtfully designed to maximize smaller spaces while ensuring utmost comfort throughout your stay. Located a mere four-minute walk from Nijo Station, Bella Nami provides effortless access to the vibrant Kyoto area via the JR San-In Train Line and the Tozai Subway Line.

This 22-square-meter sanctuary is perfect for solo travelers seeking a cozy, private retreat in Kyoto for an extended stay. Despite its compact size, Bella Nami boasts all the modern amenities you could desire: a fully equipped kitchen, bath, comprehensive laundry facilities, a dining area complete with a 43-inch 4K TV, a plush single bed, and even a tranquil Japanese-style garden.

As a monthly rental, guests seeking longer stays will enjoy exceptional value compared to traditional short-term vacation rentals.


Bella Nami is situated just 10 minutes from the majestic Nijo Castle entrance, one of Kyoto’s most renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites. En route to the castle, you’ll encounter the peaceful Shinsen-en Garden, an ideal spot for a quiet morning stroll to prepare for a bustling day ahead.

Venture south of the property to discover Kyoto Sanjo Shopping Street, a covered shopping arcade teeming with delectable restaurants and a diverse array of shops. A nearby supermarket adds convenience for long-term guests.

Embrace adventure by biking to Nishiki Market to purchase fresh produce for a delightful meal in Bella Nami’s well-appointed kitchen, or continue to the iconic Kamo River. Along the river’s west bank, you’ll find an abundance of exquisite dining options. Many locals, however, prefer to savor beverages from a convenience store while basking in the river’s refreshing breeze on warm summer nights.

Sake aficionados will appreciate the easy access to Sasaki Brewery, a mere 15-minute walk away. Sample their divine sake and browse the unique souvenirs at the brewery store.


As you enter Bella Nami, you’re greeted by a welcoming hallway leading to the restroom, bath and washroom, and kitchen and dining room. The fully equipped kitchen offers a splendid space to experiment with local cuisine or prepare a simple breakfast and coffee to jumpstart your day. The refrigerator is perfectly sized for long-term guests, with ample room for all your necessities.

The adjacent dining room features a table, two chairs, and a 43-inch 4K smart TV, ideal for unwinding with your favorite shows after a day of exploration. Beyond the dining area, discover the bedroom complete with an ultra-comfortable memory foam single bed. The room also includes a spacious closet and a large frosted glass door that opens to the garden, allowing an abundance of natural light while maintaining privacy with blackout curtains.

Returning to the entryway, find the entrance to the washroom, equipped with a washing machine and clothes drying rack. Beyond the washroom lies the full bathroom, featuring a deep bathtub perfect for a relaxing soak.


The shortest rental period is one month (30 days).

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House Features


Bella Nami boasts an exceptional location, a four-minute stroll from Nijo Station and close to significant cultural landmarks like the UNESCO-listed Nijo Castle and serene Shinsen-en Garden. This prime spot combines the convenience of easy city navigation with the allure of Kyoto’s rich history, offering solo travelers a perfect base to explore and immerse themselves in the local heritage and tranquility.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Ideal for culinary enthusiasts, Bella Nami features a kitchen that leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you’re experimenting with local recipes or preparing a simple breakfast, the kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances and tools. Coupled with a nearby supermarket, guests have everything they need to explore the flavors of Kyoto right at their fingertips.

Solo Travelers

Tailored for individuals seeking a peaceful retreat, Bella Nami offers a cozy sanctuary equipped with all the modern conveniences for an extended stay. From a comfortable memory foam bed to comprehensive laundry facilities, this compact oasis ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for solo adventurers.

Shopping and Dining

Situated close to the bustling Kyoto Sanjo Shopping Street and a variety of dining options along the Kamo River, Bella Nami is perfect for guests looking to dive into local shopping and culinary scenes. The area’s rich assortment of restaurants and shops provides an authentic glimpse into Kyoto life, making every outing an adventure.

Access Information

From Kansai International Airport

The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. It takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

From Kyoto Station to Bella Nami

From Kyoto Station, take the JR San-In Line to Nijo Station (7 mins; 3 stops). From there it is a 5-minute walk to the house.

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