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Blending authentic Japanese motifs with a sense of modern fun, Modern Machiya Mibu offers the best of both worlds: the pleasure that comes with staying in a traditional-style Japanese home, but with the finishes of a more modern abode. Although it looks like an elegant but straightforward home from the exterior, there’s an undeniable sense of playfulness embedded in the design of the interior of Modern Machiya Mibu, with its bright pops of color and retro-quaint furnishings. 

This Kyo-machiya (traditional Kyoto house) styled home is big enough to comfortably accommodate nine people without feeling cramped. The two-story house features an additional mini-kitchen on the second floor to keep everyone happy. Spend a little time here, and you’ll easily fall in love with the house’s quirky personality and clear connection to the area’s heritage, and don’t forget to put aside a few hours to soak in the stylishly modern bath, which comes complete with private garden views.


Modern Machiya Mibu is located idyllically both in the heart of the city but far enough from the major streets to ensure the utmost tranquility. It’s situated across from one of Kyoto’s most hidden and unique attractions, the medieval-looking Mibudera Temple, which was founded in 991, making it one of Kyoto’s oldest temples. 

A five-minute walk south from Modern Machiya Mibu is Kotoku Park, a cute local park home to a small collection of plum and cherry trees that are stunning when they blossom during spring. For those looking to go a little further, you can reach the Costume Museum in 15 minutes by foot. For a drink or dinner, stop by the nearby steakhouse Yakiniku Nikumon Shijo Omiya.  

If you’re planning to explore the area via public transport, Omiya Station – which boasts a direct line to Arashiyama on Kyoto’s retro-quaint cute ‘Randen’ tram service – is a scenic nine-minute stroll away, while Kyoto Station is just 10 minutes by taxi.


The house was constructed in the 1950s and was once a proud family home, most well-known for the fact that the headquarters of the Shin-sen-gumi, a historic military police force organized by the Bakufu (military government) during Japan’s Bakumatsu period, was located down the road from where Mibu now sits until 1869.


Modern Machiya Mibu is a completely renovated property infused with a bubbly charm and traditional elegance. With the potential for four bedrooms and a layout that prioritizes both community and privacy in equal measure, it’s an ideal home for a wide variety of traveling groups. However, one of its additional bonus features is its size and adaptability, making it a rare house that can fit larger groups of guests, such as multi-generational families, small company retreats, and traveling friends. Alternatively, it could make the perfect spacious retreat for a group of three or four individuals looking to maximize their comfort and freedom to roam.

The layout makes it perfect for mid-sized groups or larger families wanting to travel together but also retain a little privacy. Running along the right wall is where you’ll find the kitchen, built elegantly into the hallway to both allow room for foot traffic but also space to cook. The hallway passes by the toilet, washroom, laundry room, and finally, opens out to the bath, which flows effortlessly to the garden.

Located on the other side of the hallway is the home’s main living quarters, with the dining room – which could double as a meeting room and communal space – situated to the left of the entrance. Opening onto the dining room is the main tatami room, which can also double as a spacious traditional Japanese style bedroom. There’s a second even larger room with sliding glass doors and engawa (indoor-outdoor space) that opens up to the garden, allowing the house to be awash with warm natural light. It’s the perfect place to relax with a cozy cup of tea and a book and could easily also work as an impromptu meditation and yoga space. It’s also worth noting that the home boasts double-glazed windows for a quiet retreat and deep sleep. 

On the second floor is where you’ll find the other two tatami bedrooms with both western and Japanese style bedding and plenty of soothing soft natural light. Beyond the second-floor bedrooms is the second, smaller kitchen and an additional bathroom. Fun, family-friendly, and full of wonderful features, Modern Machiya Mibu is an excellent adaptable option for your next Kyoto adventure.

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House Features

Japanese style bedroom

Mibu features two Japanese-style bedrooms and two living rooms that can be used as additional bedrooms. Three of the rooms are complete with comfortable futons while one has a western-style mattress.


Mibu is 130 square meters with four bedrooms, two showers, and two restrooms allowing it to accommodate up to nine people. This makes it a great option for guests traveling in large groups.


Mibu has a classic Japanese-style garden, viewable from the living room of the house. Spend some time meditating in front of the garden to calm your resltess mind after a day out in the bustling city.

Separate dining area

Mibu features a dedicated dining room, separate from the kitchen. The dining room comes complete with a TV so you can sign in to your Netflix account and catch up on your favorite shows while having a meal.

Access Information

From Kansai International Airport

The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. It takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

From Kyoto Station to Modern Machiya Mibu

Take the JR San-In Line from Kyoto Station to Tambaguchi Station (2 stops; 4 mins). From there it is 9 mins walk to the property.


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