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    Rakuyado is a stylish and elegantly simple Kyoto townhouse, designed to ensure the ultimate comfort and flexibility and offer excellent access to the heart of the city and Kyoto’s major attractions. This two-story, newly renovated vacation rental property is located just a five minute walk south of JR Kyoto Station, making it great for those who prioritize access to Kyoto and its neighboring attractions.  

    This 46-square-meter, double-story home can accommodate up to four guests, with two bedrooms – a single room, and a generously sized master bedroom, which also features a sofa and desk. With a simple but fully equipped kitchen that opens up to the sun-drenched dining space, the house has been designed to suit laid back communal living and offers a sense of social flow, perfect for group dinners and potentially even entertaining. The dining area has plenty of counter space and four adjustable bar-style stools. 

    Being a modern style Kyoto townhouse, Rakuyado is easy to keep tidy and suits travelers of all styles, who, no matter the length of their stay, can turn this townhouse into their very own townhome.


    Nestled just to the south of Kyoto Station, about five minutes away by foot, Rakuyado’s central and convenient location is just one of its many perks. Being located so close to Kyoto Station, the house is a great place to stay for those wanting to explore Kyoto Prefecture or the neighboring prefectures like Osaka or Nara with ease. A 15-minute walk east from Rakuyado sits Kyoto’s most iconic waterway, the Kamo River. The area is populated by excellent dining establishments as well as wonderful city views. It’s one of the city’s ‘must visit’ destinations. 

    About a 14-minute walk west from the house is Toji, a sacred Buddhist shrine that was built in 796. An important piece of Kyoto’s history, this temple was one of only three Buddhist temples allowed in the city at the time when Kyoto became the capital of Japan. 

    A great place for enjoying Kyoto outdoors is Umekoji Park, a much-loved local park located about a 15-minute walk, or five-minute bicycle ride northwest of the house. The park features a sprawling garden, a railway museum, and an eco-friendly aquarium.


    The flow of Rakuyado’s interior is artfully considered and designed to be lived in with a layout flexible enough to suit a cross-section of traveling types. It could be perfect for families with one child, couples, or a small group of traveling friends. With complete laundry facilities and ample storage space, those who are planning to stay in Kyoto for a while will also find the home extremely comfortable and easily adaptable to their needs.  

    With the living and entertaining space on the first floor, and the sleeping quarters on the second, there’s a clear divide between the spaces, allowing guests to utilize the space the way they wish without intruding on the wants of others.

    The entrance of the house opens up to the genkan, which has plenty of storage space and the self-contained laundry to the left. The laundry facilities are free to use for guests, making Rakuyado feel even more like a real home away from home. Through the laundry, guests can access the bathroom, which is separated to ensure complete privacy and peace. 

    To the right of the entrance is the main dining space. With a wall-attached counter and stools for seating, this space is very open and uncluttered, allowing guests the freedom to use it however they please. Underneath the bench are outlets, so this area could easily become an impromptu desk for those remote working. 

    On the second floor is the main bedroom. This spacious room features a generous double bed, and with a sofa, it’s also a second living space. There’s a TV complete with a Fire TV Stick so you can sign in to your Netflix account located opposite the sofa, making it the perfect spot to snuggle up on a cozy night in.

    The second bedroom features a cozy single bed, also wrapped in high-quality cotton sheets. The upstairs area also has two guest storage cupboards, so you can keep your luggage out of sight and enjoy Rakuyado to its maximum potential.




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    Rakuyado House Features


    Located just a few minutes from Kyoto Station, Rakuyado is in a great position to get around the rest of the city via public transportation. Rakuyado’s proximity to Kyoto station also makes it convenient for visiting surrounding prefectures like Osaka, Nara, Shiga, and Hyogo.

    Modern Kitchen

    Rakuyado’s kitchen is fully equipped to handle all of your needs. Whether it’s whipping up a quick breakfast before heading out for a day of sightseeing or booking a personal chef to come and prepare a Japanese-style meal, you’ll find everything you need.


    Rakuyado offers ultimate comfort with a soft sofa and cosy beds outfitted with plush sheets. You will have no trouble sleeping away your exhaustion from a long day out on the town.


    Enjoy the convenience of the modern amenities at Rakuyado. The house is equipped with everything you need to make it your home away from home in Kyoto.

    Access Information

    From Kansai International Airport

    The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. It takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

    From Kyoto Station to Rakuyado

    Rakuyado is a short 4 mins walk to the south of Kyoto Station!


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