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Shinjin is a laid-back, well-designed, machiya-inspired Kyoto home with plenty of attractions, charm, and style. With exposed wood throughout, earthy-colored walls, a modern kitchen and quaint, but elegant Japanese flourishes, like the classic wooden exterior, tatami-mat flooring in various rooms, and fusuma sliding doors, it’s the ideal meeting point between old Japan and the modern-day. The two-story, eight-person-capacity home is a wonderful choice for traveling groups of all sizes.

If you’re looking for an authentically ‘Kyoto’ experience, then booking a stay at Shinjin surely won’t disappoint. It comes complete with a large Japanese-style garden and both western and traditional (futon) bedding options. The home’s blend of western and Japanese elements means guests can embrace Kyoto style without forgoing any additional comforts.

Shinjin is centrally located in Kyoto, offering easy access to nearly all of the city’s main attractions. However, being on a back street, Shinjin also offers the quiet comfort not normally found within the city, ensuring your stay is as peaceful as it is convenient.


Shinjin is ideally positioned in Kyoto’s center, offering easy and convenient access to many of the city’s main attractions. Kyoto Station is only a 12-minute walk from the house, offering easy access not only to the entirety of Kyoto, but also surrounding prefectures like Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, and Shiga.

Just around the corner from Shinjin, you will find Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, a picturesque traditional temple near the city center, offering a great atmosphere for a morning stroll during your stay. In the opposite direction, you will find Higashi Hongan-ji Temple, offering much the same as Nishi Hongan-ji.

Beyond Higashi Hongan-ji, is Shosei-en, a beautiful Japanese-style garden nestled in the heart of the city. With it’s proximity to Shinjin, Shosei-en is a fantastic place to take in some of the nature that Kyoto has to offer without having to trek far from the house.

Just north of Shosei-en is Walden Woods – one of Shiki’s favorite cafes in all of Kyoto. We strongly recommend stopping by for a coffee or tea after you leave Shosei-en.

A great place for enjoying Kyoto outdoors is Umekoji Park, a much-loved local park located about a 15-minute walk, or five-minute bicycle ride northwest of the house. The park features a sprawling garden, a railway museum, and an eco-friendly aquarium.


The flow of Shinjin’s interior is artfully considered and designed to be lived in with a layout flexible enough to suit a cross-section of traveling types. With a maximum capacity of eight people, Shinjin would be the perfect base of operations for two families traveling together, an extended family, or a large group of friends. With complete laundry facilities and ample storage space, those who are planning to stay in Kyoto for a while will also find the home extremely comfortable and easily adaptable to their needs.

The first floor is largely dedicated to the living and dining areas, whereas the second floor is for sleeping with a combination of western-style and Japanese-style bedding options. The spacious layout on the first floor can also be used to host guests should you find yourself needing to entertain during your during your time in Kyoto.

Upon entering the house you will find yourself in the genkan, complete with cabinets for shoe storage. Immediately past the genkan on the left side there are two small Japanese-style tatami rooms which can be used for meditation, storage or any number of other things. Beyond these two rooms is the living room, complete with a comfortable sofa and large TV. After leaving the living room, you will discover the vast dining area and modern kitchen ready to meet all your needs, whether you are making a quick breakfast before a day out on the town or hiring a professional chef to come in and prepare a traditional Japanese meal. Out the back of the house you will find the elegant Japanese-style garden, making the dining table with garden view a great place to enjoy a warm cup of tea in the evening. The first floor is also home to the bath, laundry facilities, and two restrooms.

The second floor is completely dedicated to quiet relaxation. The western style bedroom is complete with two luxurious double beds, on which you are sure to have a great night of sleep, two plus chairs and a table with an additional TV. Aside from the western-style bedroom, there are two Japanese-style rooms with tatami-mat flooring. These rooms can be used with the provided futons allowing anyone who wishes to enjoy sleeping in traditional Japanese style.

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Located just over 10 minutes from Kyoto Station, Shinjin is in a great position to get around the rest of the city via public transportation. Shinjin’s proximity to Kyoto station also makes it convenient for visiting surrounding prefectures like Osaka, Nara, Shiga, and Hyogo.

Modern Kitchen

Shinjin’s kitchen is fully equipped to handle all of your needs. Whether it’s whipping up a quick breakfast before heading out for a day of sightseeing or booking a personal chef to come and prepare a Japanese-style meal, you’ll find everything you need.


Shinjin offers ultimate comfort with a soft sofa and cosy beds and futons outfitted with plush sheets. You will have no trouble sleeping away your exhaustion from a long day out on the town.


Shinjin is 129 square meters with three bedrooms, two restrooms, and roomy dining and living rooms, allowing it to accommodate up to eight people. This makes it a great option for guests traveling in large groups.

Access Information

From Kansai International Airport

Approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes.
The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

From Kyoto Station to Shinjin

It is a 13 minute walk to Shinjin.

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