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Tsuru Kame is an elegant 110 square meter dual machiya complex and a dream destination for those wanting a spacious casual home that embraces its traditional Japanese design roots. 

 With sleek white walls, a free open mezzanine style layout, and plenty of windows to allow natural light to flood in, Tsuru Kame is a spacious home that doesn’t compromise coziness for style. This meticulously renovated machiya has been crafted to allow guests to retain privacy while also feeling a sense of airiness and flow. With three bedrooms, two living spaces, and two kitchen and dining areas, this eight-person-capacity home is the ideal choice for those on the hunt for a communal-style space for larger traveling groups and families.  

The house is positioned in Kyoto’s center, conveniently located just north of Nijo Castle and west of the iconic Kyoto Gyoen National Garden and the Imperial Palace. With simple but elegantly considered design elements, like the horigotatsu (traditional Japanese table with a recessed floor) and the tranquil Japanese rock garden, combined with modern comforts like western-style bedding, it’s the perfect place to enjoy Kyoto in style.

With such a flexible layout, excellently sized kitchen, and effortless livability, Tsuru Kame is also recommended as a great longer-term rental option. Guests love turning Tsuru Kame into their own little home away from home, and you can too! Shiki offers discount plans for monthly and long-term rentals.


Situated right in Kyoto’s historic heart, Tsuru Kame has the delights of the city right at its doorstep. Located on a picturesque street lined with classic Kyoto architecture, strolling around the neighborhood to find the city’s secret delights is a must-do.

From the house, it’s a five-minute walk to Nijo Castle, while Kyoto Imperial Palace is a 15-minute walk east. Sitting just outside of nearby Nijo Castle is Nijo Park, a laid-back Japanese-style garden complete with cherry blossoms that paint the area pink in spring. For those looking to see Kyoto’s more secretive side, head on over to the lantern-lit Mikane Shrine, a quaint retro-style shrine not well known by tourists but incredibly popular with locals.     

If you want to explore a little further, you can hop on a rental bicycle and head on over to Nishiki Market and grab some fresh produce to cook up a little feast in one of Tsuru Kame’s two well-equipped kitchens. For Japanese food and drink lovers, the house is perfectly positioned less than a one-minute walk down the road from Sasaki Brewery, one of the best breweries in the city. The brewery’s store sells its delicious sake and other souvenirs and offers free tastings to guests.


The house’s layout, with the second kitchen and living space, feels almost like two homes in one, and it could potentially work for that purpose. For example, a young family and grandparents could occupy the home but retain a sense of privacy, with one of the gardens separating the two houses/sections of the house.

In the front of the house sits the living and dining room, looking out onto the street, with zabuton (Japanese cushion) style seating right by the window; it’s an ideal place to lay with a book and listen to the world go by. 

Sitting adjacent to the sun lounge is the dining table and kitchen, open-plan style, giving the room a sense of flow. Backing onto the kitchen is the bathroom and sitting behind that is the first main bedroom, complete with two semi-double western-style beds.

With ample entertaining space, spacious bedrooms, and plenty of bedding, Tsuru Kame is an excellent option for traveling groups of all sizes, like friends, families, and even potentially colleagues on a research or inspiration trip through Kyoto. It’s located close enough to the city to allow guests to explore the area’s biggest attractions with ease, either by public transport, by bicycle, or even by foot. Nijojo Mae subway station is just fifteen minutes away, or getting around by rental bicycle is a wonderful transport option as well. 

 The second half of the house is the most exciting part. Here you’ll find another bathroom and also a self-contained Japanese garden, through which guests can walk through to reach the semi-detached living room and second kitchen, which backs onto another garden. 

The top floors of both sections of the house are dedicated to rest and relaxation.

At the front of the house on the loft level is a spacious bedroom, with two semi-double western beds and a cozy sunlit nook for reading, relaxing, or even an impromptu yoga session. The second back bedroom features three beds and faces out to the back of the house. It’s ideal for those who want to get a little peace and quiet. 


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House Features


Tsuru, the first of the two houses, features a unique loft with a small desk for reading or working. Throughout the rest of the house, the high ceilings and light colors give an air of wide-open space.


Located just a few minutes North of Nijo Castle Tsuru Kame is the perfect base of operations for your trip to Kyoto. Moreover, to the east of the house and only a bit further than Nijo Castle, you can easily reach the National Garden.


Tsuru Kame has a classic Japanese-style garden, viewable from the kitchen and dining area of Kame. Spend some time meditating in front of the garden to calm your resltess mind after a day out in the bustling city.


Tsuru Kame contains two houses arranged front to back. At 110 square meters and with 7 beds, Tsuru Kame is the perfect option for larger groups, accommodating up to eight people.

Access Information

From Kansai International Airport

The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. It takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

From Kyoto Station to Tsuru Kame

Take the number 9 bus from Kyoto Eki mae Bus Stop to Horikawa Marutamachi Bus Stop (18 mins; 11 stops) and get off. From there it is 5 mins walk to the house.


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