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A quaint traditional Japanese townhouse turned artfully curated modern machiya, Zen Fuyacho is a home that perfectly showcases high-class Kyoto living. The 76-square-meter home is fitted with quality modern luxuries and comforts to provide an unforgettable stay in one of the country’s most exciting destinations.

From its distinctive noren (front door curtain) to its shoji style sliding paper doors to the hinoki (Japanese cedar) wooden bathtub that overlooks a quaint Japanese garden and tatami mat living room, every inch of this spacious four-person-capacity home is deeply connected to the culture and style of Japan.

Brightly colored feature walls dominate the house’s main rooms, like the living room and bedrooms, setting off bold contrasts and offering up a sense of playfulness and warmth. A mix of light and dark wooden beams frame the interior of the home, rooting the house in an atmosphere of organic strength.

The house is situated right in the center of the city and just a 25-minute walk from Kyoto Station and 10 minute walk from Gojo Station, making it an ideal home away from home for those wanting to make the most of Kyoto and its surrounding areas. It’s nestled in such a vibrant area that guests can head out on a stroll without planning and come across something interesting, including some of the best food & beverage operations that the town has to offer.


Zen Fuyacho’s excellent position is just one of its many charms. The delightful machiya is located in a quiet, residential area close to the city’s attractions but still hidden away from the busier thoroughfares to ensure the ultimate peace and tranquility.

The Kamo River, the central waterway of Kyoto, and home to some of the area’s most exciting restaurants and bars, is just a three-minute walk east of Zen Fuyacho, while the scenic town center is just a 10-minute walk north.

For those who want to explore the area on foot, Zen Fuyacho is an ideal choice, as a 25-minute walk east will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kiyomizu-dera, a signature landmark of Kyoto.

For some more outdoor exploration, visit Shosei-en garden, which is just an 18-minute walk away. This garden is situated in the precincts of the historic Higashi Honganji Temple. The garden is a wonderful strolling destination and is home to an impressive selection of cherry blossom trees that are a must-see in spring. Zen Fuyacho also has fantastic access to all major public transportation outlets; it’s 700 meters to Gojo Subway Station and 500 meters to Kiyomizu-Gojo Station on the Keihan Line.


The first floor of Zen Fuyacho is dedicated to living and embracing the Kyoto way of life. On this ground floor, guests will find the living room, dressed in light wooden finishes and white walls, with one red feature wall allowing the home’s natural warm tones to sing.

The living room floor blends wooden materials and tatami to fuse together different organic-feeling elements of Japanese interior design, so guests can admire the Japanese aesthetics as they sink into the thick, cozy sofa while watching the 50-inch TV or enjoying their favorite songs on the Bluetooth stereo.

On the same floor as the living room is the fully stocked kitchen, complete with all the amenities you need to prepare a delicious meal. The kitchen also features a tall bar-style counter and tall stools perfect for socializing with a drink or enjoying dinner.

The bathroom is the understated centerpiece of Zen Fuyacho; it features a deep, traditional wooden hinoki bath. Hinoki is a fragrant type of cedar revered for its healing and soothing properties. The view from the bath overlooks a small Japanese garden. A second Japanese garden is also visible from the living room.

With two separate bedrooms, one with a double and another with two semi-double beds, Zen Fuyacho is well-fitted to traveling couples looking for somewhere central and stylish. Both feature plush, supportive mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep. A secondary toilet is available on the second floor for guests’ convenience. With a sense of boldness and elegantly simple design, Zen Fuyacho is the perfect homely retreat. It’s also a very popular choice for independent couples who want a home that offers freedom and flexibility.

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Zen Fuyacho is only a short walk from Pontocho Street and the Kamo River, two of the most vibrant places in Kyoto, making it a great base of operations for your trip to Kyoto. For everything else, Zen Fuyacho is only a few minutes from Gojo Station giving you access to the subway and about 20 minutes from Kyoto Station giving you access to the rest of the city as well as surrounding prefectures like Osaka, Nara, Shiga, and Hyogo.

Modern Kitchen

Zen Fuyacho’s kitchen is fully equipped to handle all of your needs. Whether it’s whipping up a quick breakfast before heading out for a day of sightseeing or booking a personal chef to come and prepare a Japanese-style meal, you’ll find everything you need.

Wooden Bath

One of Zen Fuyacho’s unique design pieces is the wooden bath. This traditional Japanese-style bath harkens back to the classical Japan of times past.

Japanese Style Bedroom

The bedrooms come complete with comfy and cozy carpet to keep your feet warm during the colder times of year. Coupled with the dark exposed wooden beams of the celing and walls, these bedrooms uniquely blend Japanese and western styles for the ultimate experience.

Access Information

From Kansai International Airport

The easiest way to get to Kyoto Station from the airport is the JR Haruka Limited Express Haruka Line. It takes 1 hour and 18 minutes. Kyoto Station is the fourth stop.

From Kyoto Station to Zen Fuyacho

Take the Subway Karasuma Line from Kyoto Station to Gojo Station (1st stop; 2 mins). From there it is 10 mins walk to the property.


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