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A traditional Japanese townhouse – is very popular in Osaka


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Premium Rentals

Premium rentals are the best of both worlds; price and value. Look through our premium vacational rentals in Kyoto gallery which can inspire and expand your imagination. Here are some of them:


Japan Session | Kanzaki 02 神崎02

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 4 people | Size: 62 sqm

Like its sister property, Kanzaki 01, Kanzaki 02 is an effortlessly stylish urban retreat located right inside an old school shotengai (shopping street) in northern Osaka’s Yodogawa Ward. Spacious interior design, light-filled rooms, and positioned perfectly for those who want to make the most of their time in Osaka, this four-person-capacity home covers all the bases and then some.

Japan Session | Kanzaki 01 神崎01

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 4 people | Size: 73 sqm

Japan Sessions Kanazaki 01 is a designer vacation rental property set in the culturally rich Kanzakigawa shopping arcade. This property’s full renovation was completed in September of 2019. The unique design and ingenious use of space sets it apart from everything else in the area.

Hanamizuki | NAMBA MINAMI 花水木 難波南

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 5 people | Size: 62 sqm

Offering easy access to both downtown Osaka, an exterior that’s reminiscent of old-world Japanese architectural charm and comfort and style unparalleled, Hanamizuki Namba Minami is an excellent holiday home with something for all tastes. 

Shiki Homes | Ruri 瑠璃

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 6 people | Size: 54 sqm

Ruri is a 54 square meter private home fully renovated in June 2019. The gem is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood just 2 minutes walk from Nakazakicho Station. This charming neighborhood is famous for its artsy cafes and clothing stores. Just 1 subway stop from Osaka Station (15 minutes by walk), you are sure to love the location.

Standard Rentals

Standard rentals are budget friendly. Look through our standard vacational rentals in Kyoto gallery which can inspire and expand your imagination. Here are some of them:


Hanamizuki | MATSU 花水木 松

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 8 people | Size: 85 sqm

Hanamizuki Matsu is a modern western style house featuring a Japanese style tatami room. Enjoy the 85 square meters of space, offering lots of room from groups up to 8 adults.

Shiki Homes | Kuriko 栗子

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 7 people | Size: 42 sqm

Kuriko is a beautiful, newly renovated 42m² home with all the modern conveniences you will need for your stay in Osaka. Upstairs features 2 separate bedrooms with colorful walls, each with its own AC / Heater. The first of the two rooms contains a large double futon (with an extra cushion underneath) atop traditional Japanese flooring. The master bedroom boasts a comfy double bed and equally comfortable double sized sofa bed.

Shiki Homes | Kurumi 胡桃

Type: Traditional Townhouse | Capacity: 6 people | Size: 64 sqm

Kurumi House is a beautifully renovated 64m² home, done in a classic Japanese style. The property features numerous delightful artworks and warm colored walls. Upstairs boasts two bedrooms. one with two comfy single beds and the other with a Western size double bed. The rooms are separated with sliding doors, making both rooms fully private. There is another Western size double bed located on the first floor.